LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 42.91260868722847, Longitude: -76.11662864685059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRIER, George Charles Jr.  20 Jun 1890LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I2274
2 BROWN, Kenneth Gerald  1 Feb 1920LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1742
3 BROWN, May Eleanor  25 Mar 1926LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1418
4 COOK, Allen Edison  8 Oct 1900LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1415
5 COOK, Alvah Delos Sr.  12 Jul 1928LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1374
6 COOK, Seward S.  1895LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1413
7 ESTEY, Katherine Susan  LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I602
8 FELLOWS, Lillie Belle  30 Jul 1868LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1456
9 MILLER, Howard A.  LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1172
10 MILLER, Shirley May  27 Nov 1918LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1168


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BERG, Arthur Herbert Sr.  31 Jan 1990LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I2213
2 BROWN, Norma Louise  1 Apr 2001LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1740
3 COOK, Wesley Romanta  22 Mar 1973LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1387
4 ELLIS, Mabel F.  5 Mar 1959LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I972
5 ESTEY, Katherine Susan  24 May 1955LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I602
6 FAIRCHILD, Marion  9 Dec 1965LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I70
7 FLANAGAN, Hollis B.  30 May 1951LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1642
8 GAGE, Paul Winfred  6 Mar 2001LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1167
9 GARRETT, B. Arlington  13 Jan 1977LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I445
10 MILLETT, Joseph Jr.  Mar 1928LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I338
11 VINCENT, Belle A.  31 Mar 1932LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1753


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Jessie E.  1910LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1408
2 Jessie E.  1930LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1408
3 CARR, Harriet  1930LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1388
4 COOK, Allen Edison  1910LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1415
5 COOK, Alvah Delos Sr.  1930LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1374
6 COOK, Carlena D  1910LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1414
7 COOK, Delos S.  1910LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1407
8 COOK, Delos S.  1930LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1407
9 COOK, Florence B.  1930LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1410
10 COOK, Helen H.  1910LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1409
11 COOK, Helen H.  1930LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1409
12 COOK, Seward S.  1910LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1411
13 COOK, Seward S.  1910LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1413
14 COOK, Wesley Romanta  1910LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1387
15 COOK, Wesley Romanta  1930LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1387
16 WOODFORD, Ophelia  1910LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1412


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Organization    Person ID 
1 AYERS, Douglas James  LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I2126
2 HOLLAND, Richard Wilson  LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1893


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Norma Louise  25 Jan 1956LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1740
2 BROWN, Norma Louise  9 Dec 1965LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1740
3 BROWN, Norma Louise  22 Mar 1971LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I1740
4 FAIRCHILD, Marion  31 Mar 1932LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA I70


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gage / Miller  3 May 1941LaFayette, Onondaga, NY, USA F460